About Us

"From Ideas to words, Words to pixels, Pixels to sensory perception, & Perception to memory"  

~ Thotsi

(Crafting stories for Brands, Individuals & Cinema)

Thotsi is a "Dynamic Communication Design Organization" involved in the business of "Storytelling & Creative Media Production" that curates' concepts & stories in tandem with the audience's needs.  We recognize the profound impact of setting up a narrative via storytelling and emotive videos. By utilizing these powerful tools, we shape perceptions and influence audiences/customers through mediums like Ads, Movies, Musicals, etc. Our unwavering commitment lies in embracing the evolving contemporary world while remaining true and authentic to the craft and setting up narratives that resonate with customers across all platforms. Our primary goal is to engage audiences and leave a heartfelt long-lasting impression fulfilling both Business and Entertainment objectives. We firmly believe that in today's competitive world of social media, Quality Creative Content and Uniqueness in Storytelling is the ultimate key to success.

Join us on this creative journey, where we mold narratives that stand out, connecting your brand with the hearts and minds of your target audience like never before.


"A story is tellable, 'only if it is sellable."

The quote, "A story is tellable, only if it is sellable," encapsulates the intricate relationship between storytelling and commercial viability in the Commercial landscape. We profoundly understand the need of Intersection of Storytelling and Commercial Viability from the client's perspective. In a world saturated with content and numerous platforms for distribution, it becomes essential for stories to stand out meeting Audience's Expectations & Brand's goals.  We blend the creative vision with market insights and ensure to maintaining a delicate balance between artistic expression and commercial success. We nurture this symbiotic relationship between art and commerce that paves the way for continued storytelling success in an ever-evolving landscape. 


 "To create stories that can stimulate, inculcate & nourish emotional intelligence along with practical values."

At the heart of storytelling lies the reinforcement of a strong value system.  In a world filled with an abundance of entertainment options, the power of storytelling extends far beyond mere amusement.  In the pursuit of creating stories that do good, a solid value system emerges within strong narratives.  The notion of creating rational stories that bring awareness and positively impact society is a noble endeavor that harnesses the narrative's potential.  By challenging stereotypes and dispelling misconceptions, these stories promote inclusivity and rationale temperament, encouraging an open-minded and forward-thinking society.  Since central to the mission of these stories is the capacity to raise social emotional intelligence and tolerance; we as creators know 'Storytelling serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the potential for positive transformation.  It is our responsibility to wield this power thoughtfully, using our words and narratives to bring about awareness and inspire change in pursuit of a better & a brighter world.

The RVI Model

 "Reach is about digital spend, Impact is all about Creativity."

Reach Verus Impact Model is a model devised by team Thotsi, with an idea to segregate the variables & deliverables to the clients.  Reach signifies covering maximum number of customers via Execution of marketing plans and is purely based on digital spend and is owned & taken care by a third-party digital agency on the Client's behalf or Client's in-house team. Whereas Impact hinges on Creative Solutioning & Communication Design and is sole responsibility of team Thotsi.  As specialists in the creative realm, we take complete ownership of al Creative media planning & production while excluding digital marketing activities from our scope of work.  To achieve that, we systematically work on the Communication Design, and other components like Message Design and Narrative Setup, and our entire focus is on achieving maximum "Impact".  We categorically share the RIC Model at the onset itself, to set practical & specific goals and expectations for quality output.  We are committed to exclusively serve as Storytellers in the creative sphere and we always steer clear from the Digital Operations or Marketing arena to avoid distraction in our service delivery, enabling us to deliver a strong blueprint of Communication Design and have a smooth creative journey. 

Service Scope

What is The scope of our services?


Idea Generation, Screenplay/Storyboarding, Casting, Location Scouting, Scheduling, Production Design. 


Filming, Cinematography, Art Direction, Sound Recording, Direction. 


Video Editing, Visual Effects (VFX), Color Grading, Audio Mixing, Graphics and Titles, Music.

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