Thotsi is a Creative Organization involved in business of Storytelling & Creative Media production catering via advertisements, Ad- Raps & Jingles, Short Films, Movies, Web-series, and Documentaries.
Our Core expertise is to Create Compelling & Influencing Stories, to build & strengthen connection with Audience/Customers for Business & Entertainment Industry.
Any Organization looking for Creative Ads & Films for Business Development & Entertainment purposes. Eg. Brands, OTT Platforms, Political Parties, Celebrities, Non-profit organizations, Govt. departments etc.
We offer right from Core central Idea to full-fledged developed Videos/Films, depending on the need of the Brand or a Customer from Entertainment Industry.
Yes, we do provide independent Ad Jingle or RAP song and not the complete Video, if the customer needs.
We create Videos-films for any or every platform available. Eg. Television, OTT, Mobile Apps, Digital Platforms like Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.
This is Reach Impact Model, where THOTSI is committed to deliver maximum impact via Creative Communiation Design. However, Reach is purely digital spend and directly proportional to the marketing budget. For more details follow this blog link : ____________________
The very first step of a client is to be ready with precise list of expectations & objectives, and contact on the mentioned contact details.
The cost of Ad production can vary from 10 thousand INR to 20 lakhs depending on the various factors. Follow this blog post for more info. LInk_______
Definitely yes, please do communicate your budget constraints at the very onset. We would suggest best possible solutions if it doesn't compromise the Creative Quality Delivery.